1. What is Contextionary?

Contextionary is a multilingual illustrated glossary of glossaries.

2. Who is a user?

A user is someone who looks up words and phrases in the glossary. They can search the meaning of documents varying from short sentences to full articles. They can create a multilingual illustrated glossary specific to their document of interest.

3. Is there a sign-up fee for users?

There is no sign-up fee. A user registers under a free Basic Plan which they can upgrade to a paid Advanced Plan or Premium Plan. A user can also become a contributor by switching their account from user to contributor.


4. Who is a contributor?

A contributor is someone who creates glossary entries. They are subject matter experts who define, illustrate and translate specialized terms. A contributor has an assigned role as a writer, an illustrator, a translator or any combination of the three. A contributor can also become a user by switching their account from contributor to user.

5. Who is a writer?

A writer is a contributor who defines words or phrases assigned to them by Contextionary. The same phrase is assigned to multiple writers and one of the writers becomes the author of the phrase.

6. Who is an illustrator?

An illustrator is a contributor who uploads pictures, drawings or photographs that best illustrate words or phrases assigned to them by Contextionary. The same phrase is assigned to multiple illustrators and one of the illustrators becomes the author of the phrase.

7. Who is a translator?

A translator is a contributor who translates words or phrases assigned to them by Contextionary. They translate a phrase and its meaning from English to either Simplified Chinese, Hindi, Spanish or French. The same phrase is assigned to multiple translators and one of the translators becomes the author of the phrase for a specific language.

8. Is there a sign-up fee for contributors?

There is no sign-up fee. A contributor registers under a free Contributor Plan.

9. Does a reward exist for contributors?

Yes. It is real. The reward exists to encourage the creation of glossary entries of the highest quality. Contextionary project is about building the world's most complete illustrated glossary.

10. Should a contributor pay to participate?

A contributor invests coins to submit their contribution for a word or phrase. They decide how much they are willing to invest and can bid as low as $0.01 for any given contribution.

11. How does the reward work?

For you to get the reward, you must have entered a bid to either define, illustrate or translate a word along with at least 26 other contributors. The 9 highest bids are selected. The entries are then reviewed by a group (other contributors) who selects high quality contributions through a voting process. When an entry is validated, the author earns redeemable points and receives credits for it up to a value of $16 per word entry.

12. What if I am not selected to the voting stage?

Your coins are returned back to you and you can reuse them to contribute on other words or phrases. You also receive a reward of 1 point for your participation.

13. What if I do not win the vote?

The winner of a vote earns 50 points equivalent to a future value of $16. If you are not the winner, you would earn points based on your ranking when a vote is completed. The top 3 contributors earn 50 points, 10 points and 5 points respectively.

14. How do I access my rewards if my entry is approved?

The Contextionary platform has a "Redeem" functionality on the left vertical menu. Any registered contributor can at any time redeem their earnings to their Paypal account through that functionality so long as they have accumulated at least $3 of gains. More payment options will be available in the future. Another feature on the top right of the page is the "Statistics" feature that helps track the contributor performance and compares it to the performance of the contributor with the highest score. Finally, a “History” feature on the left menu details the contributor's performance for each of their entries.

15. Can I participate in the review of my own contribution?

No. But you will participate in the review of others’ contributions. You receive 1 free coin by voting for the top quality contributors for any given phrase.

16. What is the minimum amount I can earn?

The payout range is as follow when you win a vote: $1, $2, $4 , $8 and $16. A star contributor will always earn $16 for all their accepted/approved submissions.

17. What is a star contributor?

A star contributor is any contributor who accumulated at least 5000 points over time as either a writer, an illustrator or a translator.

18. How do I get money across for my first bid?

To ensure we encourage you to be a participant, Contextionary provides you with the opportunity to define up to 100 words for free. After that, you can choose to define more words and bid from $0.01 for each.

19. Is there a tutorial that I can see to help me understand how to contribute?

Yes, there is a tutorial available on the website under the member profile picture. However, if you have a more specific question, you can send us an email on

20. What levels of commitments exist for contributors?

A contributor should follow the rules defined by Contextionary for their participation to be considered. Contextionary details its F.O.C.U.S. principle for writers, N.I.C.E. standard for illustrators and A.B.C. concept for translator in the tutorial available on its website.

21. Is there an App for this platform?

There is no App currently, but the website is mobile-friendly and registered members can work on both their computers and phones.