With notable exceptions, Black Beauty immediately comes to mind, literature observes humanity through a human lens. The Adventures of Snoop shifts the narrative angle and tells the story of technological prowess and emotional ambiguity from the perspective of an animal, a very curious and vengeful goat called Snoop. Snoop crosses the path of the thriving human species as he seeks a new home for his herd, a place full of promise and hope for all ruminants. The primordial grass, a mystical plant brimming with nutrients and life, grows on the ledge of a mountain – a place that can be reached only after an arduous and dangerous journey. To reach the mysterious plant, Snoop must avoid predators and outsmart unpredictable (and untrustworthy) human beings. Will he succeed?

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Kids and Young Adults

The Adventures of Snoop carry the reader to an ancient construction site and give an illustrated account from the perspective of a goat of how prehistoric humans thought outside the box to build gigantic monuments such as Stonehenge or the Pyramids of Egypt. In this issue, you will discover the legend of Baa Caprone, ancestor of all goats, who stepped into a bear’s territory during a relentless winter storm in search for a mysterious plant 12,000 years ago.

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